Many Peyronie’s suffers use traction devices to straighten their penises. Do many use jelqing for straightening?

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Dr. Mulhall answers: As a scientist who has devoted more than a decade to the laboratory and clinical research in men with PD, I am very comfortable stating that there is no data that jelqing is of ANY benefit to men with PD. Indeed, I have seen a number of men who have clearly injured their penis by using this technique. Yes, there are posts and blogs swearing that this technique has resulted in improvement. As a physician who sees 20 PD patients per week I will tell you that it is common for men to see one of my patients who swears his curvature has improved but when curvature evaluation is conducted there is no improvement or there is even worsening. I can only presume that there is a significant “wishful thinking” component to this phenomenon.

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