My penis does not have a curvature. However, are these symptoms associated with PD — numbness and white spots on the tip of the glans and occasional numbness of the testicles. My erections are also not as stiff.

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Dr. Levine answers: These are not symptoms of PD. A change in the sensation of the glans may be due to underlying medical problems such as diabetes which can affect the sensory nerves of the penis. Change in the color or pigmentation of the glans is usually more of a perceived problem, unless there are real lesions (ie ulcers, lumps) on the glans which should be examined by an urologist. I have seen men who have white spots, changes in color from purple to blue, white, and pink, which are within the realm of normal depending on blood flow. Glans color may be affected by external factors such as temperature and anxiety. The numbness of the testicles is another issue which I cannot explain, but may be due to the compression of the nerves in the perineal area. If you are an athlete who performs straddle sports such as bike riding this may affect these nerves. Lastly, your diminished penile rigidity may be an indication of erectile dysfunction and should be assessed by a urologist, this may be a vascular, neurogenic and/or psychogenic problem.

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Next Since I presented with PD about 6 years ago, I have observed a profound change in the appearance of my flaccid penis. What use to hang several inches outside of my body has shriveled up and retracted, and now resides close to my pubic hair. In addition, many of the veins and capillaries that once were plainly visible on my erect penis seem to have disappeared; some of those capillaries or small veins were very painful prior to their apparent demise. My flaccid penis often feels colder than it once did. Are all of these symptoms consistent with PD, or could other medical pathology be responsible for these changes? If so, what might they be?
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