Once Peyronie’s is no longer diagnosed and the curvature remains, will traction reduce the curve?

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Your question is unclear. If indeed you have Peyronie’s disease and it resolved, and the acute, painful phase resolved, but there is residual curvature, then indeed traction therapy can be used. Traction therapy may be best employed early in the development of Peyronie’s, but if it occurs when the disease is quite active and painful, traction may not be tolerated. In my limited experience, it did appear that men with Peyronie’s disease of any duration did experience some benefit following use of traction therapy including increased length, reduction of curvature, and even some girth enhancement in areas of narrowing or indentation. The key to success with traction therapy is daily use for a minimum of 2, but better 4-6 hours per day for 6 months.

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