Peyrontin has been offered as an oral cure for Peyronie’s disease. Has there been any research done on it? Is there any other recent research done on oral treatments?

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Dr. Levine answers: I am not familiar with Peyrontin and in general there have been no placebo controlled trials that have shown a benefit to using any oral agent over taking a placebo pill. This includes vitamin E, Potaba (other than reducing the plaque size), colchicine, tamoxifen, and carnitine. At this point the only oral agents which are recommended by some experts are L-arginine, 1000mg 2x/day, and pentoxfylline, 400 mg 3x/day. These are offered as they have been shown in the experimental animal model of Peyronie’s to have an anti-scarring effect particularly when the scar is just beginning to form. There is still no evidence that these agents have any significant beneficial effect on penile deformity and scarring in men with Peyronie’s.

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