What are the average fees associated with the Nesbit surgery from American urologists? Do you know if this surgery is performed in Canada?

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The Nesbit procedure is used in general to describe a variety of plication operations. This means that if the penis is curved in one direction, the tunica is shortened on the opposite side. As an example, if the penis is curved downward, then shortening would occur on the top surface of the penis so that the top and bottom aspects of the penis would then become equal, thereby straightening the penis. There are a variety of plication operations first described by Nesbit in the 1960s, but other approaches are used which avoid excising tissue and simply using suture with incision to shorten the longer aspect. Nesbit type procedures are performed worldwide and are certainly performed by many centers in Canada. Prices will vary depending on physician and insurance coverage, but by-and-large it can be performed as an out-patient procedure typically taking about 1 hour and will cost anywhere from $1,500-$4,000 for the surgeons fee with additional charges for anesthesia and the operating room.

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