When talking about vacuum therapy for PD, is that the same as using a penis pump? Could using a penis pump cause more damage? Having used a penis pump, and now having PD, could it have helped to start Peyronie’s?

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Vacuum constriction devices or vacuum erection devices (VEDs) have been used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for many years. The device produces an erection-like state by creating a vacuum around the penis, rapidly drawing blood into the corpora cavernosa. After adequate tumescence and rigidity are attained, a constriction band is placed at the base of the penis to restrict the venous outflow. The ring of the device may potentially traumatize the penile vasculature, septum and tunica albuginea. PD has been reported rarely after the use of VEDs. Without the constriction ring, VEDs in theory should not cause Peyronie’s disease, although there are a small number of reports of Peyronie’s disease occurring in men who have used vacuum devices. There are a number of studies that currently are looking at the use of daily VEDs for the treatment of PD. Recently, VEDs have become popular for rehabilitation of the penile tissue, particularly after penile surgeries and radical prostatectomy, although this is controversial and un proven to date.

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