Will 5 injections of cortisone to the affected part once a week be helpful, or cause more damage?

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Dr. Levine answers: In my opinion, the use of steroid injection is contraindicated as it can cause tissue atrophy, disruption of the normal tissue planes between the plaque and the overlying nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis, and lastly the historic papers on this therapy have not demonstrated any significant benefit. Therefore, I would strongly suggest not using any form of injectable steroid.

Previous What are your thoughts on the upcoming collagenase injections that are supposed to be marketed in 2007-2008? Why weren’t these injections pushed before, it seems like verapamil was the hot PD drug for injections and now you are hearing more and more about collagenase. What are your predictions on the efficacy of this type of treatment or feasibility?
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