Psychological and Relationship Links

The APDA is just beginning to locate and recommend professionals who know and understand Peyronie’s Disease and how it affects relationships.
As we gain more professionals, who have experience, they will be added here.

The following professionals have personal experience dealing with men and their partners when it comes to dealing with the Psychological
complications we all suffer.

  • The Relationship Changer (Victoria Baum)

    Victoria holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, (LCPC, IL #180006479), Nationally Certified Counselor, (NCC #90657), Distance Credentialed Counselor, (DCC #1248), and a member of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. 
    More than that she has actual experience with Peyronie’s disease in her own life, so she knows and understands what you and your
    partner are dealing with.

          San Francisco Area

  • Robert B. Gutterman, M.D.
    2504 Clay Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    (415) 346-0578 
    (Please Note: APDA members should bypass the message that indicates that his practice is full and leave a
    message for Dr Gutterman; He will return your call as soon as possible.